If there is enough water around the clubhouse there will be people on it.
As you would expect we have dinghy racing and active training for the younger generation. We also offer training courses and help for those taking up sailing or water sports when they have left their teens behind, shall we say.And for those of you who want to sail at any time, Titchmarsh Marina is just a few minutes away (but our beer and food is better).


Boats of all shapes and sizes with very similar crews. The cruisers have an all year programme that starts in the Spring and finishes with Guy Fawkes. Even then they end up ‘rambling’.
And though they will meet at various points along the East coast – they often finish in the Club for lunch.


While not hosting a large fleet of any particular class, you will find there is still a certain ‘edge’ that keeps the club’s dinghy racers very competitive. We have Jewels, Lasers, Phantoms and a host of single and double handers racing against each other on handicap with the helms ranging in age from the very young to those of ‘significant experience’.
Racing starts with the Winter series and runs seasonally through the year (including a Summer evening series) before concluding with the Snowball at Christmas.
The tides and terrain of the Walton Backwaters make conditions interesting but they rarely detract from a lot of fun.