Back in business

Late November 2020

Once again we are having to feel our way.

Currently, while in lockdown, the office phone and emails are being anwered even if there is no one at the club.

Essex will be in Tier 2 which means that from 2nd December we can open again, but only as a restaurant, serving alcoholic drinks with a substantial meal. We can take your calls regarding booking a table during opening hours, Wednesday 2nd December 17.00 to 21.00, Saturday 5th, lunchtime and evening and Sunday lunchtime through to 1600.

However, sailing is allowed and we have a new training schedule for the winter which includes shorebased courses and powerboating. 

The Walton & Frinton Yacht Trust Basin has some spare capacity for winter berthing.

The newsletter will continue to be sent out weekly with the latest news and planned activities, but please bear with us while we continue to work on the website which is very much a work in progress, not helped by having rather busy volunteers and reduced number of admin staff!

All this while we safely comply with Covid regulations and maintain social-distancing. Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation.